The Madrigal Society Presents: Tasteful Censorship

The Madrigal Society proudly presents our first concert for 2017: Tasteful Censorship!

Madrigals have a reputation for being bawdy, drunken, and crude. Even our very own past concerts have put the spotlight on stories of adultery, drunken foolishness, and Spaniards making Very Bad Life Choices.

This concert however is full of music which is completely, absolutely, definitively, definitely not about anything inappropriate. How could songs about birds, like sparrows and tits, be anything but a beautiful meditation on nature and beauty? How could stories of praying and dying bring to mind anything other than the highly religious experience of life in the sixteenth century? There will be no (explicit) mentions of any human foibles in this very tasteful concert.

Join us at 4pm on Sunday the 28th of May in the Old Darlington School for a highly respectable afternoon of music, followed by refreshments after the concert.

Ticket prices:
Concession: $15
Adult: $25

Find the Facebook event here! Click attending for a night of great music, an amazing exhibition of the art form of Renaissance double entendre, followed by drinks at the pub. We’ll see you there!

Welcome back for 2017!

Hello and welcome to a new year with MADS! Maybe you heard some angelic singing around the quad during O-Week, or some suspiciously un-angelic folks having a great time at our O-Week stall. Maybe you’ve been dying to get to uni and sing about sex under the guise of art. Maybe you’re rejoining us, your favourite society of a university existence. No matter who you are or how you sing – we’d love to have you join us!

We’re an audition-free choir, so regardless of your experience you can come try us out – all you need is your voice and enthusiasm! Our first rehearsal is 5pm on the 7th March (Tuesday Week 1), in Room 419 in the Seymour Centre. Following that, rehearsals will be held in Old Darlington School – it’s on campus, the building on the lawns across the boardwalk if you’re walking between Scitech Library and Redfern station. Feel free to join us whenever you are free even if you can’t make it immediately.

If you would like to get to know some of us before coming to your first rehearsal, pre-rehearsal hangouts will be from 3pm onwards at the Boardwalk Cafe & Diner (near the Co-Op store) weekly.

Find our facebook page for updates, our facebook group for chorister postings, or sign up for our newsletter for rehearsal and gig information.

Lastly, check out our Soundcloud for past concert recordings, especially if you’re looking to hear what we sound like.

See you there for a fantastic new semester, Madrigalisti old and new!