Current Executive

The Sydney University Madrigal Society’s 2017 executive committee will be run by these gorgeous people:


Lucy Harrison-Prentice is an Arts Student studying French and Linguistics, leaving them time enough to sing in multiple university choirs. A lifelong musician, they have a background in a wide variety of musical genres. Their omnipresence in the Madrigal Society and their abundance of opinions made it inevitable that they would eventually join the exec and justify their persistent input.

Having honed their musical direction and conductorship in the Mini group last year, 2017 is the culmination of Lucy’s lust for power as they take on the Presidency. With the first semester concert theme of Tasteful Censorship, it’s sure to be a whale of a year under Lucy’s baton.

Vice President

Edward Phillips is currently in his fifth year of university, studying Aeronautical (Space) Engineering and Advanced Chemistry. He began singing in primary school and continued until halfway through high school, when he dropped it to focus on his studies and playing viola. After the society was highly recommended by his cousin Anthony (President in 2006), he joined the Madrigal Society as soon as he arrived at Sydney University.

Ed took up the Presidential mantle at the start of 2016, thoroughly enjoying his conductorial duties, leading the society through a fantastic year. This year we continue to spot him in rehearsal, when he’s not trying to launch some dudes into space. Hopefully these two life interests of his remain unlinked.


Allison Balberg works in the Research Portfolio. She has two masters in environmental engineering. Her accent is confounding. May she be praised as the provider of the rehearsal break snacks.

She avidly learns the viola da gamba and cornetto. In Madrigals concerts, Allison can be spotted singing in the soprano section, as well as playing in the historical instrumental group, Musica Antiqua Sydney.


[404 ERROR: Committee member could not be found.] Perhaps this could be a new madrigal-loving volunteer from the choir?

Publicity Officer

Dillan Chen (on right, Not Ed) is a Psychology/Music student. When not shamelessly spruiking the Madrigal Society, which they would likely do with or without their Publicity Officer post, you might find them doing a speedy hotfoot power dash between the Sydney Conservatorium and main campus.

Dillan belongs to a very common category of people, which is People Who Hadn’t Heard Of Madrigals before seeing the Madrigal Society stall at O-Week. However, you can now discover them beaming early music into their brain, and being generally chummed when madrigals pop up in other choirs.

General Executive Officer

Daniel Kramer is currently in a long-distance relationship with the Madrigal Society. Being our Hunter Valley delegate, he spends his time serenading grapes on the back of a mower. When he’s down in Sydney, you can find him peacefully snoozing in the bass section, awakening when needed to sing. Capture his attention with snacks and well-written bass parts containing more than three notes.


Find our past execs here and biographies of our past presidents here.